Breast Augmentation (Breast implants)

Breast Augmentation (Breast implants) Surgery Information

Enhance the size of breasts using silicone or saline (water) implants.
1 to 2 hours.
Local with sedation, or general.
In / OutPatient
Usually outpatient.
Side Effects
Temporary soreness, swelling, change in nipple sensation, bruising. Breast sensitive to stimulation for a few weeks.
Formation of scar tissue around the implant (capsular contracture), which may cause the breast to feel tight or hard; bleeding or infection. Increase or decrease in sensitivity of nipples or breast skin, occasionally permanent. Movement of implants, rupture of the implant shell, being able to see or feel the implant. Pronounced scarring. Mammagraphy requires a special technique.
Back to work: 3-7 days. Physical contact with breasts: 3 to 4 weeks. Fading of scars: several months to a year or more.
The majority of women with implants never require further surgery.

Doctors performing this procedure: Breast Augmentation in Australia

  Location Name Contact
  NSW, Double Bay Dr. Hodgkinson, Darryl FACCSM (Surg) 02 9362 7400    Website
  NSW, Newcastle Dr. Rastogi, Anoop FACCSM (Surg) 02 4929 7911    Website
  NSW, Double Bay Dr. Rastogi, Anoop FACCSM (Surg) 02 9362 1426
  QLD, Southport Dr. Chinsee, Ian FACCSM (Surg) 1300 8813 88    Website
  QLD, Southport Dr. Flynn, John FACCSM (Surg) 1300 88 1388    Website
  QLD, Brisbane Dr. Konrat, Georgina FACCSM (Surg) 07 3391 5710
  VIC, Malvern East Dr. Topchian, David FACCSM (Surg) 1800 745 536