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Browlift Forehead Lift

Browlift Forehead Lift Surgery Information

Raise the position of the eyebrow and make the eyes look more open. Can be done using short scars (endoscopic) or traditional (coronal). Other variants possible (direct, temporal, hairline).
1 to 2 hours.
Local with sedation, or general.
In / OutPatient
Usually outpatient.
Side Effects
Temporary swelling, numbness, headaches, bruising. Traditional method: Possible itching and hair loss.
Injury to facial nerve, causing loss of motion, muscle weakness, or asymmetrical look. Infection. Broad or excessive scarring.
Back to work: 7-10 days, usually sooner for endoscopic forehead lift. More strenuous activity: several weeks. Full recovery from bruising: 2 to 3 weeks. Limit sun exposure for several months.
Usually 5 to 10 years.

ACCSM Browlift Registry: List of Doctors who are trained in Browlift

  Location Name Contact
  NSW, Newcastle Dr. Rastogi, Anoop 02 4929 7911    Website
  NSW, Double Bay Dr. Rastogi, Anoop 02 9362 1426
  NSW, Double Bay Dr. Zacharia, Michael 02 9192 1600    Website
  QLD, Southport Dr. Flynn, John 1300 88 1388    Website