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Cosmetic Medicine Procedures

Cosmetic Medicine Procedures Information

The ACCSM has as Fellows, doctors of many disciplines, and not all practice surgery. The Faculty of Medicine represents these doctors who have trained specifically, and are recognised fully, in the field of Cosmetic Medicine.

Acne Management

Acne is a very common skin condition, affecting over 85% of 15-24 year olds. It can persist well past early adulthood, especially in females. It varies from mild acne, with some clogging of pores, through to inflammatory acne with reddened lesions and pustules, through to cystic acne with large, painful lesions which may lead to scarring.

Acne management will vary with the condition`s severity. Over-the-counter topical skin care products may suffice for some, however prescription topical creams or oral medications may be required for more severe acne. Low glycaemic index diets also help some sufferers. Microdermabrasion, blue or other light therapies, laser treatments or photodynamic therapy may be appropriate in other cases.

Combinations of therapies may also be required for increased efficacy.

Should acne scarring occur, other treatments such as lasers or dermal filler injections may be required.

Chemical Peels

Various chemicals or combinations may be applied to the skin with the aim of producing a smoother, more evenly-textured skin.

Peels vary in depth. With superficial peels, just the external already-dead cells shed more quickly producing a mild flakiness for a few days. Medium-depth and deep peels produce a wound which heals over a period of a week or so with greater smoothing effect on deeper lesions such as wrinkles and scars.

Potential Problems

Temporary/permanent discolouration or texture change, scarring, infection.

Dermatological Surgery

Various skin lesions may require excision for medical or cosmetic reasons. Most skin cancers must be surgically removed to ensure they do not continue to grow and/or spread. Microscopic examination of the excised specimen by a pathologist affords reassurance that skin cancers have been completely removed.

Potential Problems

All excisions will produce scarring. This can often be minimised by appropriate placement but can never be avoided. Infection.

Excessive Sweating

Localised excessive sweating (usually of the armpits, hands or feet) may be treated with injections which temporarily reduce the stimulation for sweating in these areas. Multiple small injections are placed within the skin of the affected areas, usually taking effect in a few days and lasting, on average, 7-8 months.

Potential Problems

Bruising. Temporary weakness of nearby muscles. Insufficient effect.

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation can improve sagging facial skin, jowls and loose neck skin by removing excess fat, tightening muscles, redraping skin. Most often done on men and women over 40.

Fat Transfer

A small amount of fat may be harvested from a body area such as the thighs, abdomen or buttocks, purified and injected into areas of the face where volume is required, such as hollow cheeks. As only a proportion of this transferred fat `takes`, a relatively large amount is injected producing an over-correction which then subsides. The amount removed from the donor site is usually too small to affect the overall contour unless a definitive liposuction is performed.

Potential Problems

Bruising, swelling. Unpredictable results. Lumpiness. Variation of effect with weight change.

Hair Transplant

Hair loss affects many males and a smaller proportion of women. Medications may help some, especially in the early stages of hair loss, however for some, surgical measures may be necessary. This involves moving hair-bearing scalp into non-hair-bearing areas either as a large flap or as tiny grafts containing a few follicles.

Potential Problems

Infection. Scarring. Inadequate coverage. Further hair loss.

Injectable Dermal Fillers

Various substances may be used to plump up lines and wrinkles, define and/or produce more fullness for lips or reduce hollows produced by ageing, weight loss, genetic predisposition or some medical conditions.

Different products may be employed, with varying durations of action. Some products fill instantly, others stimulate the body to thicken its own tissues over time.

Potential Problems

Varies with product and site treated. Temporary swelling and bruising. Infection. Lumpiness. Allergy. Scarring (rarely).

Laser & other light based cutaneous treatments

There are many different types of lasers and light sources which produce varying effects on the skin. Lasers are light beams of specific wavelengths that produce specific effects. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a broad band of wavelengths which achieves somewhat more general effects on the skin.


Controlled abrasion of the skin's surface combined with suction which `vacuum cleans` the pores and stimulates circulation, produces a smoother skin and reduces clogging. Often a series of procedures is required to produce a sustained benefit.

Microdermabrasion is useful for improving acne and other conditions where a build-up of dead skin cells has occurred. It also aids the absorption of medications including topical local anaesthetic prior to other procedures, and in photodynamic therapy.

Potential Problems

Temporary redness, superficial abrasions and bruising. Increased pigmentation.

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

Infrared light, radiofrequency current or a combination of these may be used to cause a gradual contraction of the skin of the face or certain areas of the body. Depending on the process used, one or a series of treatments may be required.

Potential Problems

Rarely painful with current methods. Inadequate effect.

Scar Treatment

Scars may occur due to accidental trauma, surgery, certain infections or severe acne. Scars may be fine or wide, raised or depressed and may be highly-coloured or white.

Various treatments may be employed to reduce the appearance of scars. These include injections to raise or flatten them, laser treatments to improve colour or blend scars into the surrounding skin or some scars may be excised and resutured to give the tissues another opportunity to heal in better circumstances.


Spider veins and varicose veins of the legs are quite common especially amongst women. Although some large varicose veins may require surgical intervention, many leg veins may be treated with injections. Often a series of treatments is required with support stockings being worn after each session. The injected solution causes a gradual closing-down of the abnormal veins.

Potential Problems

Leg pain. Inflammation of veins. Deep vein thrombosis. Skin pigmentation overlying veins. Ulceration leading to scarring. New growth of clusters of vessels.

Skin Care

The right skin care will vary from one person to another. Various over-the-counter and prescription products can be used to treat various skin conditions or to improve a "normal" skin and help protect skins from environmental damage. Individualised medical advice is often the best way to obtain the right skin care.

Potential Problems

Transient flare-ups of skin problems. Allergy to certain skin care ingredients.

Wrinkle Treatment

Many wrinkles are due to the action of the muscles of facial expression. Some of these muscles may be relaxed to produce a smoother, less-stressed appearance. The most-frequently treated areas are the frown (between the eyebrows), the crows' feet and the horizontal forehead lines.

Injections are made into very specific sites to produce the appropriate muscle, and therefore wrinkle, relaxation. The effect takes a few days to begin and is temporary, but may last longer with repeated procedures.

Potential Problems

Bruising. Headache. Non-targeted muscle relaxation (temporary).

ACCSM Cosmetic Medicine Registry: List of Doctors who are trained in Cosmetic Medicine

  Location Name Contact
  ACT, Kingston Dr. Leung, Bernard FACCSM (Med) 02 6239 6388    Website
  ACT, Kingston Dr. Leung, Jennifer FACCSM (Med) 02 6239 6388    Website
  ACT, Wanniassa Dr. Poh, Mau Ren FACCSM (Med) 02 6296 7931    Website
  ACT, Belconnen Dr. Sung, Wen-Shan FACCSM (Med) 02 5119 3898    Website
  NSW, Double Bay Dr. Blaj, Adina FACCSM (Med) 1300 142 536    Website
  NSW, Caringbah Dr. Botros, Sam FACCSM (Med) 02 9527 3211
  NSW, Narellan Dr. Calfas, George FACCSM (Med) 02 4627 2000    Website
  NSW, Randwick Dr. Calfas, George FACCSM (Med) 02 9399 6444    Website
  NSW, Broadmeadow Dr. Cheng, Jack FACCSM (Med) (02) 4927 6066
  NSW, Sydney Dr. Cheong, Hon FACCSM (Med) 02 9291 9111
  NSW, Gymea Dr. Chien, Autumn FACCSM (Med) 02 9521 7933    Website
  NSW, Castle Hill Dr. Feiner, Ronald FACCSM (Med) 02 9894 1180    Website
  NSW, Bondi Junction Dr. Feldman, Joni FACCSM (Med) 0412 027 730    Website
  NSW, Kingsgrove Dr. Heckenberg, Meaghan FACCSM (Med) 0484 898 977    Website
  NSW, Bondi Junction Dr. Heckenberg, Meaghan FACCSM (Med) 0484 898 977    Website
  NSW, Double Bay Dr. Hkeik, Joseph FACCSM (Med) 1300 142 536    Website
  NSW, North Parramatta Dr. Hkeik, Joseph FACCSM (Med) 1300 142 536    Website
  NSW, Darlinghurst Dr. Hkeik, Joseph FACCSM (Med) 1300 142 536    Website
  NSW, Double Bay Dr. Jamali, Yalda FACCSM (Med) 02 9696 5050    Website
  NSW, Edgecliff Dr. Karlburger, Cosima FACCSM (Med) 02 9362 1728    Website
  NSW, Double Bay Dr. Knudsen, Russell FACCSM (Med) 02 9363 9308
  NSW, North Parramatta / Crows Nest Dr. Lim, Soo-Keat FACCSM (Med) 02 9890 2300    Website
  NSW, North Sydney Dr. Madirazza, John FACCSM (Med) 0477220069    Website
  NSW, Mount Kuring-Gai Dr. Moghaddam, Masoud FACCSM (Med) 02 9457 7588    Website
  NSW, Mosman Dr. Nair, Sarojini FACCSM (Med) 02 9904 9900    Website
  NSW, Woollahra Dr. Nasser, Alia FACCSM (Med) 9363 2224    Website
  NSW, Sydney Dr. Prochazka, Tony FACCSM (Med) 02 9233 3103    Website
  NSW, Campbelltown Dr. Prochazka, Tony FACCSM (Med) 02 9233 3103    Website
  NSW, St Leonards Dr. Stanes, Aaron FACCSM (Med) 1300 322 346    Website
  NSW, Hurstville Dr. Tang, Cindy FACCSM (Med) 0426 92 92 92    Website
  NSW, Sydney Dr. UBIED, Dalia FACCSM (Med) 0405 050 284    Website
  NSW, Double Bay Dr. UBIED, Dalia FACCSM (Med) 02 7233 0420
  NSW, Dee Why Dr. Walsh, Shaun FACCSM (Med) 02 9984 8888    Website
  NSW, Sydney Dr. Woo, Mark FACCSM (Med) 0403 183 808
  NSW, Sydney Dr. Wu, Xiao L (William) FACCSM (Med) 02 9211 0018    Website
  NSW, Haymarket Dr. Wu, Xiao L (William) FACCSM (Med) 02 9211 0018    Website
  NSW, Korarah Dr. Xu, Zhen FACCSM (Med) 02 9587 3700    Website
  NT, Darwin Dr. Jain, Shivon FACCSM (Med)     Website
  NT, Parap Dr. Kushelew, Irene FACCSM (Med) 0403 090 501    Website
  QLD, Newstead Dr. Chan, Yuk Man (Wesley) FACCSM (Med) 07 3518 7880    Website
  QLD, Grange Dr. Chen, Jonathan Tzu-Wen FACCSM (Med) 07 3352 5852     Website
  QLD, Windsor Dr. Chen, James FACCSM (Med) 07 3857 6188
  QLD, Upper Mount Gravatt Dr. Chen, Jonathan Tzu-Wen FACCSM (Med) 0420 731 709
  QLD, Toowong Dr. Dingley, Mary FACCSM (Med) 07 3870 0111    Website
  QLD, Greenslopes Dr. Djordjevic, Ranka FACCSM (Med) 07 3870 5654    Website
  QLD, Spring Hill Dr. Djordjevic, Ranka FACCSM (Med) 07 3870 5654    Website
  QLD, Taringa Dr. Djordjevic, Ranka FACCSM (Med) 07 3870 5654    Website
  QLD, Fortitude Valley Dr. Ellis, Scott FACCSM (Med) 1800 745 536    Website
  QLD, Southport Dr. Flynn, John 1300 88 1388    Website
  QLD, Newstead Dr. Hang, Chloe FACCSM (Med) 07 3184 0713    Website
  QLD, Southport Dr. Heckenberg, Meaghan FACCSM (Med) 0484 898 977    Website
  QLD, Auchenflower Dr. Hills, Russell 07 3720 8788    Website
  QLD, Nundah Dr. Hills, Russell 07 3720 8788    Website
  QLD, Albany Creek Dr. Kay, Ansulette FACCSM (Med) 0406 951 926    Website
  QLD, Chermside Dr. Khalili, Shadi FACCSM (Med) 07 3350 5447    Website
  QLD, West End Dr. Morgan, Edwina FACCSM (Med) (07) 3567 9999
  QLD, Fortitude Valley Dr. Morgan, Edwina FACCSM (Med) (07) 3488 8118
  QLD, Grange Dr. Sadeghi, Shahram FACCSM (Med) 07 3352 5852    Website
  QLD, Tugun Dr. Stapelberg, Michael FACCSM (Med) 07 5601 0495    Website
  QLD, Spring Hill Dr. Szalay, Michael FACCSM (Med) 07 3839 7222
  QLD, Bundaberg / Bargara Dr. Tanious, Tony FACCSM (Med) 07 4191 5417    Website
  QLD, Sunnybank Dr. Tee, Kok Chuan FACCSM (Med) 07 3518 8888    Website
  SA, Unley Dr. Kushelew, Irene FACCSM (Med) 0403 090 501    Website
  SA, Stepney Dr. Perez Ledesma, Carlos Andres FACCSM (Med) 08 7079 6796    Website
  SA, Gawler East Dr. Qazi, Umair FACCSM (Med) 0401236185
  VIC, Werribee Dr. Ansari, Saber FACCSM (Med) (03) 8779 8680    Website
  VIC, Malvern East Dr. Ellis, Scott FACCSM (Med) 1800 745 536    Website
  VIC, South Yarra Dr. Feldman, Joni FACCSM (Med) 03 9824 2500    Website
  VIC, Dandenong Dr. Ganegoda, Danushi FACCSM (Med) 03 9791 5344    Website
  VIC, Malvern East Dr. Ku, Gordon FACCSM (Med) 1300 852 050    Website
  VIC, Williamstown Dr. Malhi, Harsimran FACCSM (Med) 03 7007 8811    Website
  VIC, Wyndham Vale Dr. Mostafavi, Sam FACCSM (Med) 03 8595 5413    Website
  VIC, Hoppers Crossing Dr. Motaman, Shirin FACCSM (Med) (03) 9748 5088
  VIC, Springvale Dr. Nguyen, Dennis FACCSM (Med) 03 9546 3453
  VIC, East Oakleigh Dr. Ong, Amanda FACCSM (Med) 03 9544 2852    Website
  VIC, Malvern Dr. Prochazka, Tony FACCSM (Med) 1800 957 922    Website
  VIC, Hampton Dr. Rachinskaya, Maria FACCSM (Med) contact@doctormaria.com.au 0474 54 1 601    Website
  VIC, Armadale Dr. Rich, Michael 03 9500 1110
  VIC, Williamstown Dr. Sandhu, Hardeep FACCSM (Med) 03 7007 8811    Website
  VIC, Toorak Dr. Stanes, Aaron FACCSM (Med) 1300 322 346    Website
  VIC, Port Melbourne Dr. Tak Manesh, Aria FACCSM (Med) 1800 362 274    Website
  VIC, Maidstone Dr. Tak Manesh, Aria FACCSM (Med) 1800 362 274    Website
  VIC, Greenvale Dr. USMAN, MUHAMMAD FACCSM (Med) 03 9333 5943    Website
  VIC, Melbourne Dr. Xu, Michael 03 9690 0900    Website
  WA, Subiaco Dr. Elfis, Katina FACCSM (Med) 08 9388 8121
  WA, East Perth Dr. Feldman, Joni FACCSM (Med) 08 9218 8488    Website
  WA, Broome, Newman, Kununurra Dr. Kushelew, Irene FACCSM (Med) 0403 090 501    Website
  WA, Nedlands Mr Murray, Glenn FACCSM (Med) 08 9389 9099    Website
  WA, Applecross Dr. Rajput, Vikram FACCSM (Med) 08 9364 6444    Website
  WA, East Perth Dr. Tan, Kee Lee FACCSM (Med) 08 9225 4728    Website
  WA, Joondalup Dr. Xaftellis, Argie FACCSM (Med) 08 9301 4244

ACCSM Cosmetic Medicine Registry: List of Doctors who are trained in Cosmetic Medicine outside of Australia

  Location Name Contact
  Hong Kong, Hong Kong Dr. Fung, Ho Wang FACCSM (Med) 852 2385 2666
  Hong Kong, Kowloon Dr. So, Siu-Yung FACCSM (Med) 852 2601 9605
  Malaysia, Malaysia Dr. San, Chen Sung FACCSM (Med) 682 412866
  New Zealand, Wellington Dr. Poczwa, Henryk FACCSM (Med) 64 939 1353