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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery Information

Reduce the size and improve the shape of a woman's breasts.
2-4 hours depending upon the technique
Usually general anesthesia; smaller reductions intravenous sedation with local.
In / OutPatient
Usually outpatient.
Side Effects
Prolonged swelling and delayed healing, bruising.
Unfavorable scarring, loss of nipple sensation, loss of ability to breastfeed, loss of nipple and breast tissue, unsatisfactory shape, and failure to achieve aesthetic goals.
Work 1-2 weeks, most normal activities 4-6 weeks.
Usually permanent in that it never needs to be done again.

ACCSM Breast Reduction Registry: List of Doctors who are trained in Breast Reduction

  Location Name Contact
  NSW, Double Bay Dr. Hodgkinson, Darryl 02 9362 7400    Website
  QLD, Brisbane Dr. Konrat, Georgina 07 3391 5710
  QLD, Fortitude Valley Dr. Topchian, David 1800 745 536
  VIC, Malvern East Dr. Topchian, David 1800 745 536